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Get Better Care at Dog Star Pets

Active Enrichment for Every Dog
Engaging Environment for Your Canine Companion

At Dog Star Pets, we understand that your dog is more than just a pet—they're part of your family. That's why our dog daycare services go above and beyond to provide an engaging and stimulating environment. We aim to ensure your furry friend's mental and physical well-being with various enrichment activities.

  • What are your fees?
    You can find our services and details in the menu at the Book Services option. Here's a quick summary: Doggy Day Care: $30 per day Dog Boarding Single: $60 per night Dog Boarding Double: $100 per night Cat Boarding: $25 per night for 2 cats
  • How are Pets Grouped?
    At Dog Star Pets, we group pets based on various factors such as size, age, energy level, play style, and temperament to ensure a harmonious and safe environment for all.
  • How do you handle dogs with special needs or behavior issues?
    We cater to pets with light medication needs and refer most behavior issues to our comprehensive home services for a more personalized approach.
  • What certifications does the staff have?
    All staff are Fear Free, pet CPR and First Aid certified.
  • What's the Check-In/Check-Out Process?
    Once registered as a client, all stays, including daycare, are pre-booked. Once confirmed on the day of your booking, your drop-off time is 7–9 a.m. for daycare drop-off and 5–7 p.m. for daycare pick-up or pre-arranged boarding drop-off/pick-up time. You need to pull up to the door, and someone will come out to pick up your dog and any belongings from your car. Occasionally, we get distracted by our cute friends, so if no one comes out, please feel free to send a text at 319-382-9005
  • Vaccination Policies
    We require all dogs to be current on the following vaccines: Parvo Distemper Rabies Bordetella (recommended every 6 months) (required yearly) Canine influenza (recommended but NOT required!) We rely on your vet to determine your dog's vaccine frequency. Vaccine due dates can vary based on many factors, such as age and health. We keep records of vaccine due dates and will remind you if a vaccine is due. If you cannot vaccinate your dog, we offer various in-home services for which you may be eligible. Bring your vaccine records with you, or we can call the facility where your dog received vaccines to obtain information.
  • What if my dog gets sick?
    Dogs can catch contagious illnesses like kennel cough while socializing with other dogs. It's like a common cold that runs its course and is harmless to most healthy dogs. Puppies and older dogs may be more affected due to their weaker immunity.
  • My puppy is getting several rounds of vaccines – when can he/she come to DOG STAR PETS?
    Puppies must have completed all-around vaccines, including rabies, at 14-16 weeks to be eligible for in-home care services. If your puppy is not old enough for the rabies vaccine, we offer other services to help. However, the first round of vaccines, including parvo, is mandatory for in-home care. Titers are not accepted. The generally accepted puppy vaccine schedule is as follows: 8 weeks old – DH(L)PP #1 Bordetella #1 (The L stands for Lepto, which may or may not be included in the Distemper-Parvo combo booster.) 12 weeks old – DH(L)PP #2 Bordetella #2 (and possibly Coronavirus & Lyme) 16 weeks old—DH(L)PP #3 Rabies (At this point, the Distemper and Rabies will be good for one year, and the Bordetella will be good for six months to a year, depending on the vaccine type and the veterinarian’s protocol).
  • Neuter/Spay Policy
    DOG STAR PETS requires all dogs over 6 months old to be spayed or neutered to join group play. Intact dogs over 6 months can come to DOG STAR PETS for individual play; they will not be eligible to join group play due to Iowa regulations we must follow. Dogs that exhibit any of the following behaviors, regardless of age, WILL NOT be allowed to participate in group play or may be dismissed from group play at any time due to but not limited to: Excessive Humping Display of dominant behaviors (herding, controlling behavior, neck biting, etc.) Creating an unsafe play environment Iowa Regulation 21-67.11 (162) Doggy Daycare (4)(4) requires all dogs joining group play ages 6 months or older to be neutered/spayed.

Owner Reviews

What My Clients Are Saying

Sarah's pet services are excellent - reliable and trustworthy! We have been using the services for a year and we can always depend on her doing a great job. I love how Sarah is passionate about caring for animals (and for our 2 Corgis) and how she will go above and beyond to help out. Thank you for all you do!

Deborah C.

Sarah has been taken care of my dog Harley for several years now. She does daily drop ins when I’m at work and has always been kind, conscientious and available when I need her! Harley is a Rottweiler and I had a lot of trouble finding someone who was comfortable doing her daily care even though she’s a great dog. Harley loves Sarah, and she’s had several other workers drop in on her when needed and it has always gone well. I always receive follow-up pictures and comments on anything that’s going on with Harley during her visits. Even though I only pay for her to drop in on Harley, she also pays attention to my cats and make sure that they are OK too. I have never needed to use Sarah for daycare and boarding, but I would absolutely trust her with that as well. I highly encourage you to consider her and dog star as a daycare, boarding, or drop in provider!

Samantha G.

We have been using Dog Star for about a year and we couldn't be more delighted with the exceptional care our cats receive.

Sarah has a genuine love and passion for animals. Her attention to detail and commitment to ensuring their well-being exceed our expectations.

One of the most comforting aspects of Sarah’s care is the regular updates she shares with us. The messages and photos allow us to stay connected with our cats, even when we are miles away.

Not only does she attend to their basic needs, but she also invests time in creating a stimulating and loving environment for them. The extra cuddles she generously provides undoubtedly contribute to their overall happiness and well-being.

Sarah’s kindness, patience, and the genuine joy she exudes when spending time with them reassure us that they were not just clients but cherished members of her extended feline family.

In conclusion, if you're searching for a cat or dog caretaker who goes beyond the call of duty, radiates compassion, and treats your pets as if they were their own, Dog Star is the place you're looking for. We highly recommend Sarah and feel incredibly fortunate to have her care for our cherished furballs.

Keegan S.

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